BAQUA Spa® Calcium Hardness Increaser for hot tubs and spas
Get it before it's gone forever. The BAQUA Spa® brand has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Sirona Simply brand is the replacement for BAQUA Spa. Sirona Simply products are now available in our online store.

BAQUA Spa® Calcium Hardness Increaser can be used in any hot tub water care system including granulated chlorine, bromine and Spa Frog to increase the calcium hardness. 

Size: 14 oz

BAQUA Spa® Calcium Hardness Increaser is the same active ingredient as Brilliance® Calcium Hardness Increaser and is a good replacement for the Brilliance product.

Did You Know? Calcium Hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium in your spa water.  It is important to maintain the correct level of calcium hardness. High levels of calcium can erode pumps and cause damage to the internal workings of your spa.