SilkBalance Shock Gems
$107.98 $122.98

Two (2) 40 count containers of 1oz Shock Gems automatically shipped to you every 4 months (details below).*  Price shown represents a $15 savings per shipment.

ELIMINATE ODORS AND REDUCE ORGANIC CONTAMINANTS with these convenient, single-dose MPS shock gems!

Shock Gems are one-ounce pods of MPS (monopersulfate) specially formulated to work in conjunction with the Silk Balance water conditioner.

Simply toss one or two of these MPS shock gems (depending on bather load) in the hot tub after soaking to remove organics such as body oil and perspiration!

* This is a recurring shipment program.  By ordering this product you are agreeing to receive automated shipments every 4 months.  Auto-Ship requires Spring Dance to keep a credit card on file to charge you as shipments reoccur.  A spring Dance Rep will contact you by phone to obtain that information, as we do not retain your credit card information from any online sales.