Hot Tub Freshwater Silver Ion Purifier Cartridges
$50.49 $55.99

One (1) Siver Ion Cartridge automatically shipped to you every 4 months (details below).*  Price shown represents a $5 savings per shipment.

Insert the silver ion cartridge into the filter of your hot tub and the silver ions are released automatically reducing your need for chlorine! Simply replace your cartridge every 3-4 months.

This Silver Ion Cartridge fits into the main filter of your Hot Spring Spa. It also works with Caldera Spas. Find the Sun Purity Silver Ion Cartridge for Sundance Spas here.

* This is a recurring shipment program.  By ordering this product you are agreeing to receive automated shipments every 4 months.  Auto-Ship requires Spring Dance to keep a credit card on file to charge you as shipments reoccur.  A spring Dance Rep will contact you by phone to obtain that information, as we do not retain your credit card information from any online sales.