Spa Frog Serene Cartridge Kit
Spa Frog Serene Cartridge Kit Auto-Ship* Spa Frog Serene (Bromine) Combined Cartridge Kit
$116.99 $125.99

One (1) Combined Cartridge Kit automatically shipped every 4 months (details below).*  Price shown represents a $5 savings per shipment.

For use with the Spa Frog System.

Cartridge Combo Pack with 3 Bromine Cartridges and 1 Mineral Cartridge. 

* This is a recurring shipment program.  By ordering this product you are agreeing to receive automated shipments every 4 months.  Auto-Ship requires Spring Dance to keep a credit card on file to charge you as shipments reoccur.  A spring Dance Rep will contact you by phone to obtain that information, as we do not retain your credit card information from any online sales.