Freshwater™ Phosphate Remover 16 fl.oz - remove phosphates from hot tub water

The Freshwater™ Phosphate Remover is an effective liquid formula that will remove phosphates completely from your spa water. This product removes phosphates from spa water, clarifies water and prevents scum buildup around the waterline.

Ideal for use in salt systems!

Also compatible with:

Granulated chlorine/silver ion systems, Bromine, Ozone, Biguanide (Baqua Spa and Sirona Simply, as well as Frog @ease and Frog Serene systems.

Follow the dosage chart by gallons and use instructions on the bottle.

Size: 16 fl.oz

Did You Know? Freshwater Phosphate Remover can remove high amounts of phosphates from your spa water. For example, approximately 2.5 fl. oz of Freshwater Phosphate Remover in 300 gallons of water will remove up to 2500ppb phosphates. It is the best choice if you need to remove more than 500ppb of phosphates from your hot tub water.