Watkins Hot Tub Pillow Retainer Kit (Blade Style) - For Hot Spring, Caldera, FreeFlow, Endless Pools - part# 74569

The Watkins Hot Tub Pillow Retainer Kit (Blade Style) is used to attach your hot tubs pillows to your spa. This kit contains 2 plastic blade-style retainers and 4 screws to install your spa pillows.

The easiest way to determine if your hot tub pillows use this retainer kit is to take one of your pillows off and see how it is attached.

The Watkins Hot Tub Pillow Retainer Kit (Blade Style) is made by Watkins and is used on the following Watkins Hot Tub and Swim Spa brands:

Hot Spring®
Highlife Collection 2007-current
Grandee, Vanguard, Aria, Envoy, Sovereign, Jetsetter+

Limelight Collection 2008-current
Gleam, Pulse, Flair, Glow, Bolt, Flash, Prism

Hot Spot Collection 2010-current
Relay, Tempo, Stride, Rhythm, Pace, SX, TX

Caldera Spas®
Utopia Series 2016-current
Cantabria, Florence, Geneva, Niagara, Provence, Ravello, Tahitian

FreeFlow® Spas
Premier Line 2020-current: Azure, Excursion, Monterey

Endless Pools®
Fitness Systems (all years) - E2000, E700, E500
Swim Cross® Exercise Systems (all years) - X2000, X500, X200
Rec Sport® Recreation Systems (all years) - R120, R200, R220, R500