Spa Frog Maintain® Oxidizer Packet 2 oz - Non-Chlorine Shock for Frog Systems - item #01-14-6132

Use Spa Frog Maintain® for periodic non-chlorine shocking of your hot tub. It’s one dose in an easy-to-pour pouch for maintenance non-chlorine shock (also called oxidizer) to keep your water crystal clear. No measuring, no guess, no mess. The hot tub is ready in 15 minutes of shocking.

Once in the water, Spa Frog Maintain® quickly dissolves and eliminates organic contaminants. Non-chlorine shock means you get the clean without any Cyanuric Acid, ever.

Size: 2 oz

For use in:
Frog @ease SmartChlor in-line system 
Frog Serene (Bromine) in-line system
Frog @ease SmartChlor Floating system
Frog Serene (Bromine) Floating System

Did You Know? If you are on the Frog @ease SmartChlor system, you use Frog Maintain® once a month or whenever you replace the SmartChlor (gray) cartridge in both the in-line and floating systems.

If you use the Frog Serene (bromine) system, add a Frog Maintain® packet to the spa water once a week.

Frog Maintain® can help your hot tub recover after periods of prolonged/heavy use too! Just add one packet of Frog Maintain after the prolonged/heavy use is finished.