Caldera 35 Sq Ft. Hot Tub Filter (Fits Caldera Aventine, Sundance Tacoma, Wellis Spa Monte Bianco, Olympus, Great Lakes Emerald+)#77817
$38.99 $42.49
Use the Caldera 35 Sq Ft. Hot Tub Filter with:
  • Caldera Vacanza Series Aventine.
  • This filter also works on the Caldera Highland Series Aventine.
  • Great Lakes Spas: Emerald, Sunlighter Trident, & Forte
  • This filter fits some Wellis Hot Tubs too - Monte Bianco, Olympus

Filter Specs:
35 Sq Ft. filtration 
Height: about 9 1/4"
Diameter: about 4 3/4"
Center Hole Diameter: about 2"

The Caldera 35 Sq Ft. Hot Tub Filter has a life expectancy of approximately 1 year if maintained properly.