Freshwater™ Clean Screen Pre Filter for Hot Tubs and Spas
The Freshwater™ Clean Screen Pre-filter ensures that your water is clean every time you get in your hot tub to soak! By removing organic contaminants and metals from water before it enters your hot tub,  you can help prolong the life of your hot tub & its components and extend the amount of time needed between water changes.
Freshwater™ Clean Screen Pre-Filter will help remove and reduce metals such as iron and copper from your fill water. Just attach to a garden house & fill your spa! Use with any spa water care system.

5,000 gallon capacity (fills a 500 gallon hot tub 10 times).

Did You Know? The Freshwater Clean Screen is the perfect solution to filter out metals that may be present in fill water. Typically, people who use a private well as their fill water source can benefit from using Clean Screen when filling their hot tubs. Freshwater Clean Screen will NOT filter out phosphates though. If you are looking for a hose end filter that will reduce phosphates present in your fill water, the Pre-Fresh Hose End filter on Amazon, found here, works well for that, based on our experience at Spring Dance Hot Tubs.