Rento Sauna aromatherapy White Water Lily scent 13.5 fl.oz

Get it before it's gone forever. The White Water Lily Sauna Scent has been discontinued by Rento.

Rento White Water Lily Sauna Scent - Sauna Aromatherapy
- Enjoy the subtle and delicate aroma of white water lily while relaxing in the sauna.

Directions For Use:
Test the scent first by using a small amount. You can also mix various scents. Always dilute with water.

Shake before use. Add 2 to 4 cap fulls to a sauna bucket full of water.
Ladle the water on the hot sauna stove for aromatic steam.
Rinse the bucket after use. Don't leave the bottle in a hot sauna.

Did You Know? You don't need to own a sauna to use Rento Sauna Scents. Rento Sauna Scents can also be used in aromatherapy diffusers too!

Size: 13.5 fl.oz

Please Note:  Rento Sauna Scents are fragrances only. The sauna scents are milder in strength than pure sauna oil. The advantage of the sauna scents is that they are more affordable and last an entire sauna session. The advantage of sauna oils is that the aroma is stronger.