Brilliance PH True PH lock for hot tubs and spas
Leisure Time® pH Balance for hot tubs and spas is a unique granular formulation that adjusts and locks in the proper pH level of spa water. This product can be used in hard water and will last from refill to refill, eliminating the need to adjust pH levels regularly. Properly balanced water prevents staining, scaling, equipment corrosion and skin and eye irritation.

If you like Brilliance pH True (discontinued by manufacturer), this product works almost exactly the same and is a good substitution.

Size: 32 fl.oz (1 qt)

The ideal pH range for spa and hot tub water is 7.2-7.8.

Please Note: Only for use in hot tub water where the calcium hardness is below 150ppm. If the calcium hardness level in your spa water is higher than 150ppm, you must use Leisure Time pH Balance Plus (we do not carry this product).

Leisure Time® pH Balance is compatible with all water care systems including salt systems, silver ion/granulated chlorine, bromine tabs/floater and ozone. DO NOT USE in biguanide systems such as Baqua Spa and Sirona Simply.