Sirona™ Calcium Booster 32 fl.oz - Liquid Calcium Hardness Increaser for Hot Tubs - #82103

Sirona™ Calcium Booster is an efficient calcium hardness increaser for hot tubs and spas.  The liquid formulation quickly dissolves in hot tub water to immediately raise the level of calcium hardness. 

1 fl.oz of Sirona™ Calcium Booster will raise the calcium hardness 7ppm in 500 gallons of water.

Size: 32 fl.oz

Sirona™ Calcium Booster is compatible with almost all hot tub sanitization systems such as silver ion/granulated chlorine systems, salt systems, bromine tabs/floater systems, Spa Frog @ease Smartchlor, Spa Frog Serene, Baqua Spa, Sirona Simply and ozone.