Sirona™ Protect Plus 16 fl.oz

Sirona™ Protect Plus is a dual-purpose liquid concentrate. It protects against stains and scale formation by suspending stain-causing minerals and clarifies with a flocculating agent to keeping water sparkling clear.

  • Brightens your spa water and protects your spa against stain and scale with dual-purpose liquid concentrate
  • Built-in flocculant quickly suspends minerals to clarify spa water for clean results, so you can elevate whole-self wellness
  • Add at start-up and use weekly for your best results
  • Circulate spa water for an hour before adding other products
  • Protect Plus is compatible with all sanitizers

Size: 16 fl.oz

Initial Dose: Add 2 fluid ounces of Sirona Spa Care Protect Plus for every 250 gallons of water directly into the spa. If metal content is high, add 4 fluid ounces.

Maintenance Dose: Add one fluid ounce of Sirona Spa Care Protect Plus for every 250 gallons of spa water weekly.

Did You Know? Scale in hot tubs is created by the sodium bicarbonate dissolved in the spa water separating into sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate has an affinity for calcium in the water. When sodium carbonate and calcium dissolved in the spa water join together, this particle size is large enough that it becomes visible (precipitation) and creates the result of scale. The good news is that this process can only happen at pH 8.3 or higher.