Sirona™ Simply Metal Control 16 fl.oz

Sirona™ Simply Metal Control is a liquid stain and scale preventer, and remover that should be added whenever metals have been detected from a water test. Metal Control deactivates metals to clarify water, improve filtration and prevent surface staining as well as water discoloration. 

  • Metal Control is only compatible with biguanide sanitizers (Baqua Spa, Sirona Simply)
  • Deactivates metals and clarifies spa water, so you can elevate whole-self wellness
  • Clarifies your spa water to improve filter efficiency and provide cleaner, more soothing results
  • Prevents surface staining and spa water discoloration with routine use

Size: 16 fl.oz

Dosage: Add 1 fluid ounce per 150 gallons of spa water.

Sirona™ Simply Metal Control is the replacement for BAQUA Spa® Metal Control.
DO NOT use in salt systems, granulated chlorine, bromine or Spa Frog systems.