Vanishing Act XL Bag
Freshwater Vanishing Act Bag Vanishing Act XL Bag
Auto-Ship Hot Tub
Now Available in XL Size with 3 times the calcium reduction power of the standard Vanishing Act. Vanishing Act Calcium Remover's purpose is simple: It makes your hot tub water SOFTER!
Using Vanishing Act will prolong the life of your hot tub and extend the time between water changes! Plus you'll have a softer more enjoyable hot tub soaking experience!
Use 1 calcium filter every time you change your hot tub water. Use with the Salt Water System or any other water care system!
Sign-up for our Auto-Ship Program and have a calcium bag automatically shipped to you every 6 months along with a container of Hot Tub Salt! Save $4.00 with this package deal!
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