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How A Swim Spa Can Help With Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is such a powerful treatment. It can help you regain motion, it can help you get your body back in shape, and it can help you regain your mobility as you age or after injury. That being said, it can also be very stressful on the body. Swim spas are a great way to get that extra help with your physical therapy and make your journey far more successful.

Benefits of Swim Spas

The first benefit of swim spas is that you can control the temperature of your spa when in use. If you need added heat you can add it, but if cold water helps your body more, you can lower the temperature. Some swim spas come equipped with resistance as well, so resistance training is possible if you desire. 

Swim spas are also often smaller than traditional swimming pools. Which makes them a bit more manageable for those that might not feel safe using a larger pool for their physical therapy. These swim spas can still be used for recreation and swimming, but they are just a bit easier to have installed and use. For those looking for swim spas in Chester County, PA, Spring Dance hot tubs can help.  

Exercises You Can Do in a Swim Spa

There are tons of great physical therapy exercises that you can do in a swim spa. The first is general resistance training. You can get weights that you fill with water to offer resistance for arms and legs. You can do lunges, stretches from the side of the spa, and so much more.

Various stretches are also easier to do in a swim spa, you can stretch your arms and legs as well as your hips, your back, and more. This is going to help you relax and is also great for arthritis. General swimming is great for the full-body workout and is a fantastic way to help relax and relieve tension.

Swim spas are ideal if you want an exercise or physical therapy routine that is effective, but is also low impact and is not going to hurt you further or worsen the issue that you are trying to fix. One of the most effective ways to use a swim spa for physical therapy is simply to stretch and get moving so you can recover your range of motion.

Contact us today if you want to find out more about what swim spas are out there and what options you might have. A hot tub spa in NJ is a great option for anyone.