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Troubleshooting: What to Do If Your Hot Tub Won’t Heat Up

For a relaxing spa experience, you'll need a hot tub with a functional heater. If you’re experiencing difficulties getting your hot tub to the temperature you like, review these troubleshooting tips. If the troubleshooting proves to be more difficult than expected, you can always seek help from a service professional at Spring Dance Hot Tubs

1: Release Pump Air Locks

If you’ve recently filled your hot tub, it’s possible that low water levels caused air to get trapped in the system. When this happens, water cannot properly flow through the heater. To release potential air locks, simply open the jets, turn off the heater, and allow air bubbles to flow out. If this proves ineffective, contact our service department at Spring Dance Hot Tub and we’ll take it from there. 

2: Check The Cover

Insulation plays a role in trapping the proper amount of heat inside the tub, so make sure that your cover is properly insulating the spa.

3: Clean Out the Dirty Filters

In addition to removing dirt and debris from the water, a filtration system helps to maintain the heat of the hot tub. Hot tub filters should be cleaned monthly and replaced every six months. 

4: Clear Out the Clogged Pipes

A clogged piping system will get in the way of proper heat conduction, so make sure to drain and flush out your hot tub pipes. We have a product called Clean Start that can help you to get the job done. 

5: Check to See if the Heater is Worn Out

Most hot tub pumps and heaters last between 7 to 10 years, especially when the water conditions are kept balanced and well-maintained. After that time, you'll likely need to fix or replace the heater element, the control panel, or the pump.

Need more help heating your Hot Tub in NJ?  Our services include hot tub repair, cleaning, or replacement. To schedule a consultation from our Marlton location, contact Spring Dance Hot Tubs at 856-638-0800 or Our staff would be glad to answer any questions about our services.